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Submitted on
August 27, 2009
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot A720 IS
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 4, 2008, 3:25:28 PM
Cyb30RiaNd 2 by Dannysucks Cyb30RiaNd 2 by Dannysucks
Well my viewers, a year and a half after they were taken(because someone forgot to send em :P)minor photoshop editing after, and many faces after,
i present ya the :icondannysucks: and :iconcyb30rian:
collaboration! :D :P

so as i wrote last year after suggesting it countless times i went to nuriel to model for her amazing makeup :P it took 4 hours where we messed with music, talked and waited but finally the outcomes were incredible(to my opinion anyway)
i loved how i look like the male version of nuriel's many faces and the styling touch of hers :)
this series is diffrent for me for a few reasons:
1. i'm useually my own model and nobody else is messing with me.
2. i photoshoped the whole thing(and i really don't like photoshoping makeup pics and deviation, anyone who know me will tell) because nuriel's work was so amazing and my monstrous eyebrows popped in the middle of the shooting and cracked up the makeup. i just corrected the cracks, and i hope it wont make ya dislike the series because it's one of the best i did :)
enjoy :D

makeup: :iconcyb30rian:
photography: :iconcyb30rian:
photoshopin: :icondannysucks:
model: :icondannysucks:
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Reminds me a bit of Prince Poppycock. :D
Dannysucks Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
exapt it was 3 years before :P
Dannysucks Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
i rule :P
actually the girl who did it rule, she designed it :P
annajordanart Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
You definitely have a personality that can pull anything off.
Dannysucks Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
thank you :D
but i think it's not that diffrent from most of my stuff...
DiscoBl00dBath Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
I love this image. It is among my favorites of your stuff.
Firstly. I need to ask you, have you heard of an artist called Vaughn Michael. If not, look him up. He's fabulous, and I am pulling similarities between what he does and what you do.
Secondly, the image. It all fits together so nicely. I love the lips, they look so well done, like you took a lot of time on them. I also LOVE the lashes. They are so huge, and they just make your eyes pop! Your eyes look so delicate and lacy.
I also like that the red behind the eye matches the red in the lips. I also get a 80s feeling when I look at this image, and I love the 80s. Well done. :)
Dannysucks Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
hey there!
thanks again..
heard bout the guy but i don't like male makeup artists very much,
just look for the female ones...
actually this wasn't my deviation. i was just modelling the artist was my friend nuriel :) if ya like her stuff ya should check the link to her page in the deviation info.
i loved doing this one and i really liked the outcomes, my friend didn't like it so much though...
DiscoBl00dBath Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Oh wow. Shes got some beautiful stuff.
I really like how she does the shapes around the eyes almost triangular.
How come you dont like male makeup artists?
Dannysucks Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
i don't like my own stuff either, it's personal so it's lil bit diff,
but i don't like the whole thing cuz makeup and body paint is like a fetish for me and it's sexy and seeing it on boys it's...weird :P
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